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Graph-based interfaces made easy.

Save time and effort with Kalileo, the universal diagramming framework dedicated to RIA Flex applications. Kalileo is easy to implement, highly performant and totally customizable.

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Ready-to-use reporting components.

Sick of standard charts? Step up to the next level of Reporting with our Kolbert components, the perfect alliance of mathematics and ergonomics for an attractive and efficient Business Intelligence.

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Open-source Flex/AS3/AIR libraries of reusable components.

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Advanced Flex consoles for development optimization.

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Data Visualization Components

Forta.com by Ben Forta

"French partner Kap Lab has released some very impressive Flex / AS3 components." Read the article »

Christophe Coenraets

Christophe Coenraets uses Kap IT Visualizer component to represent the org chart in its Salesbuilder Sample Flex Application. Read the article »

Web Resources depot

"Kap Lab is presenting 5 impressive & free visualization components for Flex. All components are AS3 based & some of them offer multiple layout options which makes them very flexible in means of presentation." Read the article »


"An advanced control for letting uses construct diagrams, like flow charts, organization maps, process diagrams, etc." Read the article »


Flex Development Tools

Adobe Flex Tutorial

"Flex Library - Klovis, une excellente librairie (HashMap, AutoComplete, KeyboardManager, LazyDataGrid, ...)" Read the article »

Building Blocks

"What a fantastic tool. You can really dig deep into your application." Read the article »

Code moi un mouton by Michaël Chaize

"J'invite vivement tous les développeurs Flex à tester Kap Inspect qui peut véritablement transformer leur façon de tester et débugger leur code Flex au cours du développement. Les composants de visualisation de données sont aussi excellents et très performants." Read the article »

Peter Moelgaard's Blog

"Kap Inspect... really cool tool by Kap Lab." Read the article »

About Kap IT

Kap IT is a software and services company leader on Adobe RIA technologies: Flex, AIR, AS3, Flash, LiveCycle...

Kap Lab project is based on Kap IT's R&D department and projects experience.

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