HierarchicalCyclic layout

The Hierarchical Cyclic layout is a flow aimed layout manipulating especially cyclic graphs and targeting graphs embedding a flow logic (like Process models). The aim of this layout is to show a flow chart having some cycles with a relevant level arrangement and a minimum edges crossing. Nodes are laid by levels internally computed according to the in and out edges. The position of each node in its level is computed using a algorithmic approach minimizing in/out edge crossings. In this Layout, some features can be used to perform some advanced visualization requests:

The Hierarchical Cyclic Layout is used for some UML representations (Class Diagram, Data Flow, State Machine..), metabolic pathways, model process and many others.

The Hierarchical layout can be used for all types of tree hierarchies (XML files, database structure, organization description...). It is also suited for representing UML inheritance.

This print screen shows an example the hierarchical cyclic layout representation: