Kalileo constitute a great part of the data visualization section of KapLab. It includes Visualizer for displaying graphs and data and Diagrammer for diagram edition and visual data modeling. From the Version 1.0 to 1.6.6, we have worked on tuning up, upgrading and maintaining these two products while keeping an eye on clients comments and integration feedbacks. In Version 2, we have decided to take a great step in order to merge these two products into one, name-called Kalileo and to enhance their quality and features via all common and some innovative concepts.

Visualizer and Diagrammer are two Flex components, fully developed in AS3. While Visualizer is aimed at visualizing data sources and relationships in any graph based visualization, Diagrammer inherits such behavior and enriches it with edition capabilities and advanced data model handling. This means that Diagrammer can be considered as an extension of Visualizer that deals with all aspects of diagramming. From a programmatic point of view, this fact is translated into that Diagrammer extends Visualizer class which means that all features available in Visualizer are automatically found in Diagrammer. These two products come with a range of features dealing with several aspects of visualization and diagramming :