MultiSelection Action

This action is used to handle multiselection in Visualizer and Diagrammer. It takes as input a SelectionActionData instance whose properties are described as follows:

Property Description
color It defines the color of the selected area
thickness It defines the thickness of the border line
alpha It specifies the alpha of the selection area
exclusiveSelection It specifies if the selection should take into consideration the nodes grouping
isExclusive All active actions will be hibernated when this property is set to true
terminateOnRollOut It validates multi selection operation on Visualizer roll out.

The following code shows how to activate the Multiselection

function activateMultiSelectionAction():void
	var data:SelectionActionData = new SelectionActionData();
	data.color = int(selectionAreaFillColor.value); // we have defined a color picker to choose the selection color
	data.thickness = selectionAreaThincknes.value; // a numericStepper was used to choose the thickness (the minimum is 0 the maximum is 1)
	data.line = lineCombo.selectedItem as String; // we have defined a combobox by which user can choose his line type
	data.exclusiveSelection = useExclusiveSelection.selected; // a checkBox is used to specify if the selection is exclusive or not
	data.alpha = selectionAreaAlpha.value; // a numericStepper used to specify the alpha value.