Effect Action

This action is used to apply the BiFocal effect or the FishEye on the graph on mouse over. The bifocal effect creates a two focal on the graph and its items. The fisheye produces a circular image with exaggerated foreshortening in the center and increasing distortion toward the periphery.

For more details about Fisheye Effects, you can refer to the paper entitled"Graphical Fisheye Views of Graphs" by Manojit Sarkar and Marc H. Brown

For more details about Bifocal Effects, you can refer to the paper entitled "A Review and Taxonomy of Distortion-Oriented Presentation Techniques" by Y.K LEUNG and M.D APPERLY.

This action takes as input an EffectsActionData instance that can be described as follows :

Property Description
effect used to specify the applied effect (FISHEYE or BIFOCAL)
mode can be NORMAL_ASPECT_RATIO or CONST_ASPECT_RATIO. In the case of constant aspect ration, the effect will be applied with the same proportions on the height and the width to save the same form. However in the normal case, the effect will be applied with the given values
type used to specify if the effect should be applied on the X axis, the Y axis or both of them. When choosing the X axis for example, only the width of the node will be changed, however when choosing the XY value both the width and the height of items will be changed
BFAreaRangeWidth used to specify the transformed area width
BFAreaRangeHeight used to specify the transformed area height
BFHorizontalMagFactor used to specify the horizontal magnification factor
BFVerticalMagFactor used to specify the vertical magnification factor
FEDistortionFactor used to compute the distorted value size
FEMagFactor used to define the magnification factor that will be applied to the transformed area

The following code shows how to activate the EffectsAction.