Rendering Filters

In order to allow users to interact and to zoom on specific values on TreeMap to visualize data according to their needs, users can instantiate a TreeMapAreaFilter or TreeMapColorFilter.


In order to filter areas users have to use TreeMapAreaFilter. It is simple to use, the developer has to instantiate it to give it a width and a height and to set the TreeMap property by passing to it the id of your TreeMap.

	<treemap:TreeMapAreaFilter width="100%" height="100%" treeMap="{myTreeMap}"/>


The same instantiation as TreeMapAreaFilter but the only difference is this filter is used to filter on color.

	<treemap:TreeMapColorFilter width="100%" height="100%" treeMap="{myTreeMap}"/>


When instantiating Area or color filter, the developer can specify his custom thumb by setting the thumbRenderer property. The thumbRenderer takes a class as value in which the user develop his own item renderer that should implements the IThumRenderer interface