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secondColor — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMap
The second color used to generate nodes colors.
selectedData — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMap
Data for the selected item.
selectedDiscreteValues — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMapLegend
setChildIndex(child, index) — Method in class fr.kapit.base.KapCanvas
setChildIndex(child, index) — Method in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
showFilter — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMapLegend
Indicates whether to show the filter thumbs on the legend.
showInAutomationHierarchy — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.ui.TreeMapBranch
showInAutomationHierarchy — Property in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.ui.TreeMapNode
showTicks — Style in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMapFilter
Enables ticks to be shown below track area.
startThumbDrag(event) — Method in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMapFilter
styleChanged(styleProp) — Method in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMap
styleChanged(styleProp) — Method in class fr.kapit.components.treemap.TreeMapFilter
_supportGML — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
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