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wedgeAlpha — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.ui.RingWedge
wedgeCenter — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.DefaultRingToolTip
wedgeCenter — Property in interface fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.IRingChartToolTip
Indicates the coordiantes (in the stage coordinates system) of point for which the tooltip is beeing displayed.
wedgeClick — Event in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
WedgeData — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.utils
WedgeData() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.WedgeData
wedgeName — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.ui.RingWedge
Specifies the name of the series in the dataProvider.
_withHeaders — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
withHeaders — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Indicator if the CSV data provider first row are headers or not.
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