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value — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.DefaultRingToolTip
value — Property in interface fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.IRingChartToolTip
Indicates the value that will be displayed in the tooltip.
value — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.WedgeData
viewLabel — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
show the labels in a callout way: in fact when this labelShow is set the labels will be displayet on the outer ring in a callout way.
viewPercentage — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
This property is used to show the percentage on the ringChart: when this property is set to true, the percentage values will be displayed on the different rings.
viewTooltips — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
this property should be set to True when the user want to show the toolTip in each wedge
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