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r(c) — Static method in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.RingChartColorGenerator
radialDisplacement — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
specify the distance of displacement of the wedge when clicking on
radius — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
OuterRadius displayed by the ring Chart.
_recordDelimiter — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
recordDelimiter — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Record delimiter of CSV fields.
removeAll() — Method in class fr.kapit.base.KapCanvas
_reportingFunctions — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
reportingFunctions — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Reporting functions used to compute a data field from an array of data fields generated after CSV parsing or advanced XML treatment.
_reportingFunctionsChanged — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
rgb(r, g, b) — Static method in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.RingChartColorGenerator
rightDownLabels — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
rightEspacement — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
rightUpLabels — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
ringChart — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingLegend
The RingChart associated with this RingLegend.
RingChart — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart
RingChart() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
Creates a new RingChart instance.
ringChartCenter — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.DefaultRingToolTip
ringChartCenter — Property in interface fr.kapit.ringchart.utils.IRingChartToolTip
Indicates the coordinates (in the stage coordinates system) of the center of the ringChart.
RingChartColorGenerator — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.utils
RingEvent — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.events
RingEvent(item, type, bubbles, cancelable) — Constructor in class fr.kapit.ringchart.events.RingEvent
RingLegend — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart
RingLegend() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingLegend
Creates a new RingLegend instance.
rings — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
this property define the array of the rings used to draw all the ringchart
RingSeries — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.ui
ringSize — Property in class fr.kapit.ringchart.RingChart
Specify the ring size: by default , the ringChart can handle an illimited number of series and it will display them even if the ring size is very small ( we can even have a circle).
RingUtils — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.utils
RingWedge — Class in package fr.kapit.ringchart.ui
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