Data Support in RingChart

RingChart was designed to handle any type of data. Using a common internal data parsing model, it enables advanced interpretation of any input data via reconstruction options that can applied on CSV files, ICollectionView instances and event GraphML. Thus, using RingChart, any data have different meanings.
Like other Kap Lab components, RingChart handles the following data input:

Filter Path is the most important field when user wants to apply filter on the data provider. the filterPath can be used with different data kinds ArrayCollection, XML, CSV)

In the following example, we show how to use the filterpath property
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" backgroundColor="#CCCCCC" layout="absolute" xmlns:ns1="fr.kapit.ringchart.*" > />
			import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
   			 private var revenues:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
   			 {Total:137607008000, Axxa:65995000000, EADS:34206000000},
   			 {Total:153802000000, Axxa:72099000000, EADS:39434000000},
                         {Total:158752000000, Axxa:86857000000, EADS:39123000000}
		<ns1:RingChart id="myRingChart" 
                                     filterPath="{['Total', 'Axxa']}"
                                     width="100%" height="100%"  
                                     viewTooltips="true" viewLabel="true"/>