Series Rendering

The radarChartSeries are used to specify the chart series that the RadarChart Control should use to define the data for the chart. RadarChart provides some properties to customize the series control:

Property Description
name Specifies the name of the seriesField that determines the dataprovider entry to use. This is a mandatory property : you have to specify the name of each series so that the RadarChart can find to which line in the dataProvider it corresponds.
label Specifies the name of the series displayed in the legend
color Specifies the series color

The following example creates a simple RadarChart using the series controls:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical" xmlns:radarchart="fr.kapit.radarchart.*">
			import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
			private var myDataProvider:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(
					    {country:"France", value1:500, value2:203, value3:45, value4:1230, value5:0.3},
					    {country:"Germany", value1:400, value2:182, value3:60, value4:2520, value5:0.4},
					    {country:"Italy", value1:120, value2:56, value3:20, value4:120, value5:0.21},
	<radarchart:RadarChart id="myRadarChart" seriesField="country" dataProvider="{myDataProvider}" width="100%" height="80%">
			<radarchart:RadarChartSeries id="franceSeries"  name="France" label="France"/>
			<radarchart:RadarChartSeries id="italySeries" name="Italy" label="Italy"/>