Handling ICollectionView format

An ICollectionView is a view onto a collection of data. All Classes implementing the ICollectionView interface (XML, XMLListCollection, ArrayCollection) are handled in the same way by the component.

"seriesField property is required so that Radar Chart makes distinction between the different series. In case XML seriesField takes the name of the attribute having the name of the series as value and in case of ArrayCollection It will be the property. The name of the series must be different."

In the following example, we use an XML file to display a large hierarchical collection of quantitative data.

<mx:XML xmlns="" id="myDataProvider">
  <country name="Albania" code="AL" continent="Europe" region="Southern Europe" area="28750" population="3249136" population_growth="1.34" infant_mortality="49.2" gdp_total="4100" inflation="16"/>
  <country name="Greece" code="GR" continent="Europe" region="Southern Europe" area="131940" population="10538594" population_growth="0.42" infant_mortality="7.4" gdp_total="101700" inflation="8.1"/>
  <country name="Macedonia" code="MK" continent="Europe" region="Southern Europe" area="25333" population="2104035" population_growth="0.46" infant_mortality="29.7" gdp_total="1900" inflation="14.8"/>
<radarchart:RadarChart  id="myRadarChart"