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radarChart — Property in interface fr.kapit.radarchart.IRadarChartLegend
Indicates the target radarchart
radarChart — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeriesLegend
The RadarChart associated with this RadarChartSeriesLegend.
RadarChart — Class in package fr.kapit.radarchart
RadarChart() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
Creates a new RadarChart instance.
RadarChartAxis — Class in package fr.kapit.radarchart
RadarChartAxis() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartAxis
Creates a new RadarChartAxis instance.
radarChartCenter — Property in interface fr.kapit.radarchart.IRadarChartToolTip
Indicates the coordinates (in the stage coordinates system) of the center of the radarchart.
RadarChartPointEvent — Class in package fr.kapit.radarchart
This event is dispatched when the user is dragging a series point or has just finished dragging a series point.
RadarChartSeries — Class in package fr.kapit.radarchart
RadarChartSeries() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeries
Creates a new RadarChartSeries instance.
RadarChartSeriesLegend — Class in package fr.kapit.radarchart
RadarChartSeriesLegend() — Constructor in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeriesLegend
Creates a new RadarChartSeriesLegend instance.
_recordDelimiter — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
recordDelimiter — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Record delimiter of CSV fields.
release() — Method in class fr.kapit.radarchart.DataPointRenderer
removeAll() — Method in class fr.kapit.base.KapCanvas
_reportingFunctions — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
reportingFunctions — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Reporting functions used to compute a data field from an array of data fields generated after CSV parsing or advanced XML treatment.
_reportingFunctionsChanged — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
resetMinMax() — Method in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartAxis
rolledOnSeries — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeriesLegend
Specify the selectedSeries when rolling over the legend label.
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