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label — Property in interface fr.kapit.radarchart.IRadarChartToolTip
Indicates the series label.
label — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartAxis
Specifies the name of the axis displayed in the Radarchart.
label — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeries
Specifies the name of the series displayed in the legend.
legendTextFormat — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChartSeriesLegend
Specifies the text format applied to series labels in the legend.
LINE — Constant static property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
Polylines are drawn using lines.
LINE_SERIES — Constant static property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
Series are drawn as polylines.
lineType — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
Indicates the type of the lines used in the radarchat (linear lines or curves).
_linkProperty — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
linkProperty — Property in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Property in a node data object depending to an ICollectionView dataProvider which value will be assigned to the created link.
listOfDisplayedDataPoints — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
listOfDisplayedTooltips — Property in class fr.kapit.radarchart.RadarChart
loadKData() — Method in class fr.kapit.base.KapUIComponent
Generate a common data descriptor from the dataProvider and other data manipulation options.
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