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PanAction — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions
PanAction() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.PanAction
PanActionData — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.data
Presents the data input of the PanAction
PanActionData(handDownCursor:Object, handUpCursor:Object, handSelectionCursor:Object) — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.data.PanActionData
panContent(displacementX:Number, displacementY:Number) — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramChart
Pans the content of the Pictogram if its content is greater that the Pictogram visual viewport.
panStatus — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.PanAction
partAdded(partName:String, instance:Object) — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.base.PictogramCell
percentage — Property, interface fr.kapit.pictogram.renderers.IPictogramUnit
Percentage value of a cell unit.
percentage — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.renderers.PictogramDefaultItemRenderer
Percentage value of a cell unit.
percentageChanged — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.base.PictogramCell
Flag indicating that cell percentage has changed and grid units should be updated accordingly.
percentageChanged — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.managers.PictogramManager
Flag indicating that percentage values should be updated and visually applied.
percentageFunction — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramChart
Function returning the percentage value from a data entry or cell data.
PictogramActionPackage — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages
A Specific Action package for the Pictogram.
PictogramActionPackage() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.PictogramActionPackage
PictogramCell — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.base
PictogramCell is a base component that displays the content of any data entry on the Pictogram component.
PictogramCell() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.base.PictogramCell
PictogramCellSkin — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.skins
The default skin class for the PictogramCell component.
PictogramCellSkin() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.skins.PictogramCellSkin
pictogramChart — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.Action
Visualizer instance using this action.
pictogramChart — Property, interface fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.IAction
Visualizer instance using this action.
pictogramChart — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.base.PictogramCell
The Pictogram instance, owner of this cell.
PictogramChart — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram
Pictogram is a spark component dedicated to data statistics vulgarization, comparison.
PictogramChart() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramChart
pictogramChartCell — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.managers.PictogramManager
Cell associated to this manager.
pictogramChartGridLayout — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.skins.PictogramCellSkin
pictogramChartLayout — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.skins.PictogramCellSkin
PICTOGRAM_CHART_PAN_FINISHED — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramEvent
PICTOGRAM_CHART_PAN_PROCESS — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramEvent
PICTOGRAM_CHART_PAN_STARTED — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramEvent
PictogramDefaultItemRenderer — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.renderers
Default unit item renderer used to feed the unitsGrid skin part of any cell.
PictogramDefaultItemRenderer() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.renderers.PictogramDefaultItemRenderer
PictogramError — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram
This class is used for all the Pictogram error messages.
PictogramError(message:any, id:any) — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramError
PictogramEvent — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram
Pictogram event class.
PictogramEvent(type:String, data:Object, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramEvent
PictogramGridSkinPart — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.skins
Default unitsGrid in the PictogramCellSkin.
PictogramGridSkinPart() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.skins.PictogramGridSkinPart
PictogramManager — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.managers
Helper class used to manage the PictogramCell updates and visual modifications.
PictogramSkin — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.skins
The default skin class for the PictogramChart component.
PictogramSkin() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.skins.PictogramSkin
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