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Action — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions
Action is the bacic class for action classes.
Action() — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.Action
ActionAssets — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.artefacts
actionClass — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.ActionSet
Action Class.
actionData — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.ActionSet
Action data that should be used when activating the generated actionClass instance on registerActionSet method call.
ActionSet — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages
A class describing a an action.
ActionSet(actionClass:Class, isActivated:Boolean, actionData:Object) — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.ActionSet
actionSets — Property, interface fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.IActionPackage
A list of ActionSet instances corresponding to the actions to be considered in this package.
_actionSets — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.PictogramActionPackage
actionSets — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.packages.PictogramActionPackage
List of actionSet referring to the actions that should be registered and configured in Pictogram.
ActionsManager — class, package fr.kapit.pictogram.actions
This class is used internally by the pictogramChart to manage actions and should not be used directly.
ActionsManager(pictogramChart:fr.kapit.pictogram:PictogramChart) — Constructor, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.ActionsManager
actionsPackager — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramChart
A packager used by Pictogram to activate new actions instead for the actual ones.
activate() — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.Action
Activates action.
activate(actionID:String) — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.ActionsManager
Activates the action that has the id actionID by changing its status to activated.
activate() — method, interface fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.IAction
Activates action.
activate() — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.PanAction
Activates action.
activateAction(actionID:String, data:Object) — method, class fr.kapit.pictogram.PictogramChart
Activates an already registered action by calling the activate method on the concerned action instance.
ACTIVATED — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.Action
An action with a status equal to ACTIVATED is registered in the pictogramChart and can be used.
addElement(element:mx.core:IVisualElement) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
addElement(element:mx.core:IVisualElement) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
addElementAt(element:mx.core:IVisualElement, index:int) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
addElementAt(element:mx.core:IVisualElement, index:int) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
altKey — Property, class fr.kapit.pictogram.actions.data.KeyboardData
used to specify if the alt key will be used for user interaction
_analysisPath — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
analysisPath — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
An array used for CSV and General ICollectionView files and enables data source analysis with a given logic.
_analysisPath — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
analysisPath — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
An array used for CSV and General ICollectionView files and enables data source analysis with a given logic.
_attributesDescriptor — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
attributesDescriptor — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
It assigns to each column reference in the analysisPath its attributes.
_attributesDescriptor — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
attributesDescriptor — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
It assigns to each column reference in the analysisPath its attributes.
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