Controlling Look&Feel via Styles

Elastic Search can be styled given a Style Object containing several properties (color, thickness, alpha, dashed or not, extremities rendering). By setting the styleChanged property, the filterLists are re-styled given information in the provided style object.
To customize the display of the component, the developer can style the filterList, the filterTitle or even styling the itemRenderer.
To get the used style, Elastic Search exposes a method getStyle.

Common Styles

In this section we will begin by describing the common properties between the three styling aspects. These styling parameters are common between the list and the title of each item of Elastic Search. the Style name is formed by the styleObject (filterList, filterTitle) and the property name. for example for the borderThickeness, we find the filterListBorderThickness and the filterTitleBorderThickeness.

These common styling properties are:

Border Style

Font Style

Fill Style

Specific Styles

In this section, we will describe some private styling objects that are specific for each item of Elastic Search.

List Style

Tile Style

Item Style

The behavior and state of Elastic Search can be also styled by providing a item renderer style object that describes the item rendering at roll over ( via itemRollOverColor property ) or click ( via the
itemSelectionColor property).

The Item Renderer can be also customized using these style attributes :