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scrollerContainer — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.skins.ElasticFilterSkin
secondColor — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilterManager
The second color used to generate item colors.
secondLabelField — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
Occurence data field.
selectedItem — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilterManager
this return the selected item
selectedItemColor — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
Selected background color
selectedLabel — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilterManager
return the selected label
selectedSet — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilterManager
return the selected set
SELECTED_STATE — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilterManager
SELECTED_STATE — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
SELECTION_OPERATION — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.event.ElasticSearchEvent
selectionSet — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticFilter
setElementIndex(element:mx.core:IVisualElement, index:int) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
setElementIndex(element:mx.core:IVisualElement, index:int) — method, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
setStyle(styleProp:String, newValue:any) — method, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.ElasticSearch
showToolTip — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.ElasticSearch
Indicates if toolTips should be shown on the items.
showToolTip — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
this is used to specify if we shoold displat the tooltip on the itemRenderer or not
styleChanged(styleProp:String) — method, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.ElasticSearch
_supportGML — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
_supportGML — Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
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