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backgroundAlpha — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.ElasticSearch
backgroundAlpha — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
Background alpha
backgroundColor — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.ElasticSearch
backgroundFirstGradient — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.skins.ElasticFilterSkin
backgroundSecondGradient — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.skins.ElasticFilterSkin
backgroundStroke — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.skins.ElasticFilterSkin
baseHeight — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
this is used to specify the calculated height ot the itemRenderer
baseHeight — Property, interface fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.IElasticItemRenderer
BICHROMATIC_COLORING — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapGroup
BICHROMATIC_COLORING — Constant Static Property, class fr.kapit.base.KapSkinnableContainer
borderColor — Property, class fr.kapit.elasticsearch.render.ElasticItemRenderer
Item border color
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