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History view

This kind of view will be used for display history data for some categories of operation, such as "Command Run" or "Notification Dispatch".
The view contains the following elements:

  • A list of all instances of "reference operations" for this category of operations. For instance commands references will be command names, and notification references will be notification names.
    • This list is always sorted with most recent operations displayed at the top. In this way it is easier to know what are the last operations.
    • When a new instance of an operation is logged, the corresponding operation count number will glow briefly, and the item will be moved at the top of list.
    • Double-click on the number to create (or remove) a breakpoint for this particular instance of operation, like a given command or operation (debug mode required).
  • Another list will all instances of the selected operation reference
    • Items are sorted in natural order of appearance
    • Select an instance to display its stacktrace
    • Select an instance to inspect its particular body, that will be specific to the actual history implementation (command parameters, notification contents, service information and data,...)
  • The stackstrace for every history item, which allows to find out the starting point for this event in your source code
  • An introspection tree to drill-down into recorded data associated with the operations

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