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PureMVC Console

version 1.7.0 released on 2010/11/09

This project is intended to help Flex and AS3 application developers, that use the PureMVC framework for AS3 - simple or multicore version - by providing them deep insights on what happens at the framework level: Notifications, Commands, Mediators and Proxies. PureMVC is a highly recognized MVC framework, that has also many portages in various languages, and that's now quite widely in Flex applications, though not as much as Cairngorm.


  • Monitors the internal flow of PureMVC in real time
  • Discover and inspect Mediators
  • Inspect Views associated to Mediators
  • Discover and inspect Proxies
  • Find starting point in source code
  • Integrated with KapInspect
  • Monitor any kind of remote serviceNEW
  • Command and Notification historyNEW

Application cases

  • Understand unknown applications
  • Save time by directly finding the relevant source code
  • Check the command flow to optimize queries
  • Increase application maintenance productivity
  • Save time in bug fixing

Thanks to PureMVC design, we had no need for patching PureMVC native classes, as we have been able to derive specific framework classes from the regular PureMVC classes in order to do the logging job. This requires a very light change in your code, in order to extend our DebugFacade class instead of Facade. Help will be provided for conditional compilation in order to manage production builds.
Two different versions of the console are provided: the first one for the single core version of PureMVC, and the second one for the multicore version. You'll have to select the right one depending on your application architecture

PureMVC console is based on our standard KapLab Debug Console Framework, and works in the same way than other consoles:

  • Popup-based design
  • Shortcut to display the main popup
  • Integration with KapInspect through the right click popup menu in introspection trees

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