Dear Kap Lab community,

We've just released version 2.1 of Kolbert today.

First, please welcome Pictogram Chart! Pictogram charts are diagrams that use same-sized pictograms to convey number data.
Because in some charts variation in size does not allow accurate comparison (wider images can lead users to think that the data values are larger, ...) repeated pictograms represent a fixed value that can be counted if necessary.
Take a look at our demo to see it in action. By the way, this is our first Spark based component!

Speaking of which, Elastic Search is also based on Spark architecture now. You can now customize the filters as you wish.

If you played a bit with the Pictogram Chart demo, you may have noticed we updated all previous Kolbert demos with a new look: Treemap, RadarChart, RingChart and Elastic Search.
As usual, the source code is available for all of them!

This release also comes with several improvements as well as bug fixes. Please have a look at the release notes.

Kap Lab's success depends on your satisfaction so let us know how it goes in our forum.

Kap Lab Team