Dear Kap Lab community,

2010 was a very rewarding year for Kap IT in France and all over the world through its lab, Kap Lab. We owe it all to you and foremost we wanted to thank you warmly for your constant support and feedback.
Today, after more than one year of intensive R&D, Kap Lab proudly introduces version 2.0 of its Flex Data Visualization components reviewed in 2 new packages: Kalileo for diagramming and Kolbert for reporting.

Kalileo - Kap Lab's Diagrammer and Visualizer reloaded

Kalileo: interactive graph-based interfaces made easy

Kap Lab's Diagrammer and Visualizer 2.0 are released in a merged version for an even more interactive data visualization experience.

Enhanced performances and new features galore!

Optimizations on data processing and layouts computation have been performed and you will find all the features needed to build powerful graph-based applications (BPM, Data Mining, Network Cartography.): smart grouping, new layouts, visual sub-components, zoom effects, import/export, link easing... AND MORE! See the release note and the features tour videos.

Easier integration ever

Architecture of Diagrammer and Visualizer have been deeply reengineered to be based on common foundations, respecting the power and extensibility of Flex components (full CSS styling, fully extensible through public interfaces...). Furthermore our documentation has been totally reviewed, consolidated in one place, Kap Lab's Developer Guide, and embedded with our components. For more integration support, check our website: sample applications, developer videos, forum, migration guide.

Kolbert - Flex Reporting package

Kolbert: Flex package for your advanced reporting dashboards

Treemap, Radar Chart, Ring Chart and Elastic Search are now bundled in a single package: Kolbert.
These reporting components benefit from the same new data processing library as Kalileo, which will enhance parsing performances from 3 to 10 times depending on the input format.See the release note for complete list of changes.

New licenses including full support

New commercial licenses including full support

For Kalileo and Kolbert, community versions remain free and support is now included in the Standard and OEM commercial licenses (special discount for start-ups, academic institutes and open source projects). To existing customers: don't worry, we'll come back to you really shortly with special offers on upgrade. All information available on the new Kap Lab Store.

Anew, thanks to Kap Lab's faithful users and customers (thanks to you!), without whom we wouldn't have made it. We have put a lot of efforts in this major release for it to fully meet your expectations and projects' needs. Give it a try, build wonderful applications, and let us know how it goes: Kap Lab's success depends on your satisfaction!

Rendez-vous on Kap Lab!

Cyril Daloz