Dear community,
We release today some new stuff in our Flex development tools.

Firstly, we're glad to announce a new console: ParsleyConsole.
Parsley is our current framework of choice and we thought it would be great to offer the Flex community a console that shows what's happening inside their applications.
We've already provided other frameworks console in the past with the Cairngorm Console and the PureMVC Console and we had a lot of good feedback for them. We really hope you'll enjoy this one as well.

And the good news keeps getting better! We've also decided to publish the source code of all our consoles. (LGPL Licence)
You'll find a link to grab the source code on each console page. Feel free to contribute to any console by adding the features you've always dreamt of.

Last but not least, a new version of the Klovis libraries is available. We added a spark LoginBox/AdvancedLoginBox with a default skin in the Flex 4 UI library.
Most of other improvements have been made in the AS3 library, especially with the collections classes. More info can be found in the release notes.

Stay tuned.

Kap IT Team.