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Kalileo Release Notes

Release note 2.1.2

by Steeve Cayla the Sep 09, 2011 11:04


  • [RadarChart] Added multitooltip property to display multiple tooltips when many series have the same data
  • [RadarChart] Added IRadarChartLegend interface to be able to make a custom legend
  • [RadarChart] Changed customToolTipClass to accept IFactory instead of Class
  • [RadarChart] Added labelFunction callback for axis data labels
  • [RadarChart] Added labelFunction callback for large values (thousands, millions, ...)
  • [Radarchart-RingChart] Added a property to control tooltip visibility

Bug Fixes

  • [TreeMap] When changing chart 'divisions' property, the axes 'min'/'max' properties are ignored
  • [Treemap] Text non displayed on small nodes
  • [Treemap] Treemap doesn't change when the dataprovider is changed to an empty value.
  • [ElasticSearch] Expanded element can't be clicked after clicking a collapsed element in the same column

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