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Klovis - Kap IT Libraries Release Notes

Klovis Release 1.0

by Steeve Cayla the Jul 13, 2011 18:54

Klovis Flex 4 UI

Added new components:

  • Panel
  • IconButton
  • DataRangeSelector
  • Synchronous Autocomplete
  • AdvancedList

Added default spark skin for all components

Klovis Flex 3 UI

Added new components:

  • PreconfiguredSkin

Klovis Flex 3 Core

Added new components:

  • CompositeLogTarget
  • LocalConnectionTarget
  • DelegateMockUtil

Added asdoc for KlovisNotification

Klovis AIR Core

Added new components

  • ApplicationMenu
  • ApplicationUpdater
  • HTTPUtil

Klovis Actionscript Core

Bug fixes :

  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.parsing.StringTokenizer
    When using a string litteral as a delimiter, there is no need to protect (use a back slash) RegExp meta characters

Improvements :

  • documentation (as doc)
  • test cases
  • Reduces dependencies between classes. Using a single class should not pull the entire library.
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.asset
    Added "functions" package : all the methods from AssetsUtil are now also available as stand alone functions
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.array
    Added "functions" package : all the methods from ArrayUtil are now also available as stand alone functions
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.string
    Added "functions" package : all the methods from StringUtil are now also available as stand alone functions
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.date
    Added "functions" package : some methods from DateUtil are now also available as stand alone functions
  • All event classes now overrides toString() using the formatToString() method
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.math.MathUtil
    Added toFixed() method to truncate floating point values
    Added nearlyEqual() method : fuzzy comparison method
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.math.Math2D
    Added getBestFitRatio()
    scaleBestFit() now returns Number value instead of integers
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.array.ArrayUtil
    Added distinctItems() method to remove duplicate array entries
    Improved speed for indexOf() and lastIndexOf() by using unrolled loops
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.system.DisposeUtil
    Added disposeBitmap(), disposeBitmapData() and disposeByteArray() method
    Reworked the dispose() method to handle Array, updated documentation accordingly
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.net.command
    Added IStreamLoaderCommand interface
  • fr.kapit.lang.actionscript.system.debug
    Added formatToString() method (at package level) a quick way to obtain a string representation from an object

Breaking Changes:

  • fr.kapit.actionscript.asset package
    Modified the IAssetLibrary interface : added generic getAs() method to replace getAsFont(), getAsMovieClip(), getAsSound(), getAsSprite() and getAsStyleSheet()
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.collections.maps package
    Modified the IMap interface : getKey(), put(), and remove() now return Object instead of *
    Modified the IMap interface : added hasKeyElementPair() method originally defined by the IRegistry interface
    Removed HashMap and PersistentMap : the implementation was slow
    Added SimpleMap and SimplePersistentMap to replace HashMap and PersistentMap
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.collections.maps.registry
    Modified the IRegistry interface : removed hasKeyElementPair() , now defined by IMap
    Removed BaseRegistry and BasePersistentRegistry : the implementation was slow
    Added SimpleRegistry to replace BaseRegistry
  • event classes have been moved to "events" sub package
    for instance "CommandEvent" has been moved from fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.command to fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.command.events
  • ArrayUtil moved to fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.array package
  • StringUtil moved to fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.string package
  • DateUtil and DateDifference moved to fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.date package
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.command
    Modified the ICommand interface to return the command instance on execute() and cancel()
    Updated all command classes implementing the ICommand interface
  • Removed fr.kapit.actionscript.net.localconnection package
    was useless, need rework
  • Removed fr.kapit.actionscript.system.device.command package
    was useless, need rework
  • Removed fr.kapit.actionscript.system.device.watchers classes
    was useless, need rework
  • Removed fr.kapit.actionscript.external.BrowserInfos class
    was useless
  • Removed fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.persistence.SharedObjectUtil class
    was useless
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.math.Math2D
    Renamed rotation() to slopeAngle()
    Renamed pointsRotation() to pointsSlopeAngle()
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.string.StringUtil
    Removed deprecated asciiCodeToChar() method
  • fr.kapit.actionscript.lang.array.ArrayUtil
    Changed the behavior of the clear() method : now returns the removed items

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