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Klovis - Kap IT Libraries

version 1.0.0 released on 2011/07/13

Kap IT offers a set of open-source libraries (LGPL License) providing ready to use advanced components for business application development. They result from Kap IT experience in creating and modernizing enterprise applications.

These components are split in 2 parts:

  • UI libraries : 2 libraries (flex3-ui, flex4-ui) that offer rich user interface components.
  • Core libraries : 3 libraries (actionscript-core, flex-core, air-core) that provide a set of low-level components/utilities for i.e manipulating collections,strings, dates, managing commands (download queue, scheduling) and more...

We are planning to enrich Kap IT libraries regulary, adding more & more components that hopefully will save you time when developping Flex/AS3 applications.

Core Libs - AIR Core Components

ApplicationMenu: Create easily a menu with some items when you right click the systray/dock icon
ApplicationUpdater: Manage updating your AIR application with a simple MXML Tag
HTTPUtil:Class that contains static utility methods for working with HTTP connections.

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