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Topic "supporting parsley 2.4.1 and following"

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Are you planning to create Parsley Console for parsley framework versions later than 2.3.2?

Posted : 05 September 2011 08:17
Hi Alex,

There should be an update of the Parsley console available pretty soon (within 3 weeks)

As I'm not sure it we'll have enough time to support all features from the previous versions,
can you tell me what features you use the most or something new you want to see in this new version?
Posted : 10 September 2011 09:36
Any word on this? i like using Parlsy 2.4 but miss my console. :-( Can we just get one that compiles against the 2.4 version even if it didn't support new features?


Posted : 20 March 2012 19:09
I'm sorry for you, but we have no plans to support Parsley 2.4, now that Parsley 3.0 is out, the next console should be targetted at it.

The problem is that the first Parsley console was built upon Parsley 2.2, and it was tied to internals of Parsley, that changed drastically over versions.
So some features were lost between 2.2 and 2.3, and with 3.0 its again different.

However, If you really need it, you could also do it yourself with the source code available for current console. It won't be easy but it can be done.

What feature(s) do you mostly use (and now miss) in the console ?

Posted : 23 March 2012 08:42
I would really like to see the console updated to parsley 3.

Unfortunately I can't name you any specific features other than those you've already listed in your feature list, as I've just started to use parsley in our current project.

Posted : 30 March 2012 18:45
Do you havea timeline for release of a version supporting Parsley 3.0?
Posted : 28 June 2012 11:24

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