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Topic "Monitor, Commands and Messages flow view remains empty"

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First of all, the console seems really promising!

I added a couple of defects from a 10 minutes usage. They've been assigned to Julien.
I tried it on a Parsley 2.2.2, Cairngorm Integration 3 and Flex 4, and I did not manage to get those three view working.
They remained empty.

I just added the Parsley-Console.swc and added the ParsleyConsole inside the ContextBuilder.
I would rather not link my application with KapITFXPatches_SDK_4_0.swc, because I need to be flexible with the Flex SDK version, so I can't rely on monkey patches.

Thanks for the hand, and kudos for the great work.

Posted : 13 July 2010 17:32
Utterly strange !
I will probably need your project to debug this one
Posted : 21 July 2010 00:46

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