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Topic "Version 1.1.0 Compilation problem with AIR 1.5 and SDK 3.2"

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Posted : 20 December 2008 21:39
Arnaud have posted a comment on the KapInspect page saying that he has a compile errors using KapInspect with FlashDevelop 3, AIR 1.5 and SDK3.2.

I investigated the problem and the first time I launched my AIR application using the same environment of Arnaud I had the following error:
Error: Could not resolve <kapit:KapInspect> to a component implementation.

It looks like when we add a swc to the lib folder in a project in FlashDevelop the compiler can not localize the new library. To solve this problem users must add the swc to the library by clicking right click on the swc and choosing add to library. On the contrary users using flex builder do not have to do this procedure.

I hope that this will solve Arnaud problem

Best regards,
Posted : 22 December 2008 18:26
I had this problem on FB3, turns out the project was pointing to a different version of the projects lib folder so if you get this too, double check your Project Properties > Flex Build Path > Library Path and make sure the folder where the KapInspect.swc is living is listed in there, if not hit the (Add SWC) or (Add SWC Folder) buttons.

Nick Middleweek

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Posted : 03 March 2011 18:02

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