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Topic "PureMVC Console Multicore not showing up"

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Hi everyone,

I'm using PureMVCConsole Multicore for Flex4 with FDT4 (with Flex4 SDK).

I'm seeing the PureMVCConsole output on the FDT console (so I guess it's working) but no matter what I can't make it appear on stage.

Can someone please help?

Luís Fonseca
Posted : 23 September 2010 22:11
Very strange indeed
You may try to open the console with the showPopup() method on the console instance.
On what machine do you work, mac or pc ?
Sometimes, the keystroke are used by the system
You may try with ctrl+alt+click (pc), or cmd+shift+click (mac)
Posted : 24 September 2010 15:59
Thanks for the reply!

I'm using Mac with OSX Snow Leopard. I even did a clean install to be 100% sure.

I'm calling the showPopup() method right after creating the PureMVCConsole instance. Just like it says on the documentation.

var p:PureMVCConsole = new PureMVCConsole();

I have a doubt though, where exactly should I place this last piece of code? I tried several places and neither works.

I've tried on a couple of single core projects and it doesn't work either.

Please help!

Luís Fonseca
Posted : 24 September 2010 16:08
do you have a (small) sample app that does not work, so that I could try and have a look, and maybe fix a bug ?
Posted : 24 September 2010 16:11
Hi Julien,

Sorry for the late reply but I've been really busy with a couple of projects.

Here's the demo project I'm using to test PureMVCConsole -> http://localhostr.com/files/f380ed/DemoProject.zip

It's FDT4 pure AS3 project.

Let me know if it works for you!

Thanks in advance,
Luís Fonseca
Posted : 28 September 2010 03:11
OK then I'm sorry, but the consoles onky work for Flex projects as it's itslef written with the flex sdk.
I already tried to figure out how to use it with as3 apps, but without rel success
However, there may be adhoc ways, such as writting a flex app wrapper for loading your as3 application, just for sake of debugging with the console, not for releasing it
Let me know if you do it and succeed

PS: you may read this post where its it explained how kapinspect has been used into as3 demonster debugger, with module loading mechanism.
Posted : 28 September 2010 08:54
OK no problem!

Thanks for your time!

Maybe you should add something to the PureMVCConsole page saying it doesn't support pure AS3 projects as it's not clear as is.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Luís Fonseca
Posted : 30 September 2010 18:12
You're right, it is not clearly said anywhere that it does not support AS3 apps... this will be fixed on next lab release.
Posted : 01 October 2010 11:00

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