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Hi Folks,

Thanks for producing and sharing such an excellent tool!

I am trying to figure out pureMVC I am able to get the PureMVC console to work with PureMVC standard, but I am having problems with the Multicore version. I follow the instructions as per the integration guide and extend all ApplicationFacade files to Switch facade and change the complier options. I get some errors which make me unable to complie the app.

1120: Access of undefined property instanceMap resource ApplicationFacade.as


1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0. resource ApplicationFacade.as

The example I am using is the Pipeworks Flex demo from the PureMVC svn. I have also tried with no success with the Modularity demo. The modularity demo is slightly different in that ApplicationFacade not only extends Facade but also implements IFacade. So when I extend it to Switch Facade I get a few extra errors (see below) complaining that certain methods are not implemented! I hope this all makes sense.

1044: Interface method initializeNotifier in namespace org.puremvc.as3.multicore.interfaces:INotifier not implemented by class org.puremvc.as3.multicore.demos.flex.modularity:ApplicationFacade. Demo_AS3_MultiCore_Flex_Modularity/src/org/puremvc/as3/multicore/demos/flex/modularity ApplicationFacade.as line 15 1235643970780 342

1144: Interface method registerMediator in namespace org.puremvc.as3.multicore.interfaces:IFacade is implemented with an incompatible signature in class org.puremvc.as3.multicore.demos.flex.modularity:ApplicationFacade. Demo_AS3_MultiCore_Flex_Modularity/src/org/puremvc/as3/multicore/demos/flex/modularity ApplicationFacade.as line 15 1235643970777 339

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? It seems from the integration guide that this should be all that is required to get the PureMVC console to run. Although I understand the standard PureMVC, I do not truly understand how the multicore works so it may be a hole in my knowledge! But I am hoping to get this to work as I think the PureMVC console really can help give insight into what is going on in the application at runtime.

Any help is appreciated.



Posted : 26 February 2009 12:16
thanks for using the tool.
Please, can you provide me the svn url (for subclispe) of the PipeWorks project on PureMVC, as I am unable to find it out on the pureMVC site. I only have access to the repository browsing.
Once I'll get this project running, I'll try to reproduce your problems and to fix the bugs if any
Posted : 02 March 2009 20:21

Thanks for the reply and interest in fixing this.

The Modularity demo has been checked out from trunk


The Pipeworks demo has been checked out from


It may well be that there is no bug in the software, in this case the bug may be in the documentation, maybe there needs to be clearer instructions about how to set up for Multicore. The existing documentation seem to indicate more clearly how to set up the PureMVC console for Standard.

Thanks again, I am keen to get this to work!!

Posted : 06 March 2009 18:45
OK, I think I have understood what has happened.
Due to an erroneous build script, the SWC for multicore console also embedds the extended single core puremvc library. Actually, both singlecore and multicore KapITMVC are embedded in PureVCMulticoreConsole.swc
So what happens is that when you start typing "DebugFacade" in FlexBuilder, two versions of the class are proposed by the lookup combo, the first one being the singlecore version of the class:
import fr.kapit.puremvc.as3.patterns.facade.DebugFacade ;
Of course, in this situation, your Facade will not implement the right signatures using a multiton key, so you get a compile error.
What you have to do is simply to change the import directive with:
import fr.kapit.puremvc.as3.multicore.patterns.facade.DebugFacade;
Recompile your project, and it should work (it worked for me with the Pipe demo)
Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix this in the next version of the consoles.
And you're right, I will add a notice in the integration guide in order to warn about this potential problem
Enjoy !
Posted : 07 March 2009 16:30
Hi again
For the other Project, Modularity, I had no problem with the fact that IFacade is being implemented.
I created a SwitchFacade class as below, and extended it from the three distinct ApplicationFacade classes of the project, and it works fine.
Here again, check what DebugFacade class has been used.
	import fr.kapit.puremvc.as3.multicore.patterns.facade.DebugFacade;
	public class SwitchFacade extends DebugFacade
		public function SwitchFacade(key:String)
Posted : 07 March 2009 16:47

My mistake was in the import statement as you have correctly pointed out, I am now able to run the mulitcore and get the console up. Thanks for the help. No inconveniences caused! I am very happy that I got an answer.


Posted : 11 March 2009 17:09
I was having the same issue with that today. Thanks for having the solution available. I use vim to write my code, and wasn't sure what the available library paths were. Perhaps it would be useful to have the integration guide updated to reflect on the proper imports for multicore. That would have saved me a bunch of digging.

Thanks, your product is great!

Posted : 05 January 2010 22:31

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