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Topic "What if ApplicationFacade already extends another Facade?"

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In our project we are using Prana Framework for IoC. The Prana framework already has my ApplicationFacade extending IocFacade.

How can we then use the PureMVC Console because we have to further extend DebugFacade?


Posted : 21 January 2009 04:14
Hi Peter, sorry for this late reply
I did not know about the framework you mention, but now I do, thanks ;-)
To solve your question, I assume that you should retrieve the source code of prana framework, and patch the IocFacade class to make it extend DebugFacade instead of Facade.
Hope this helps.
Posted : 31 January 2009 12:18
Hi Julien,

we would as well be interested in using PureMVCConsole in the context of the spring framework (Prana has been moved to http://www.springactionscript.org/).

The patch you mentioned might be feasible, however, my question is:

How to consider conditional compilation in this case? If I understand correctly, we would have to conditionally compile springactionscript in order to be able to use either version (IocFacade *and* DebugIocFacade). Is this true?

Thanks for your help
Posted : 27 April 2010 11:06
Hi Julien,

As the last post was 8 months ago, I wonder if there has been a tighter integration between PureMVC console and Spring/ActionScript framework.


Posted : 18 January 2011 08:54
Hello, to reply to the facade question, no work has been done on this specific subject, however it would be possible to use PureMVC factories in another way than extending the main facade, which was the easy (and dirty) way.
However, since this date, the console and related projects have been open-sourced, so it could be implemented by someone else.
Interested ?
Posted : 18 January 2011 18:23

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