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Topic "Won't launch with Flash Builder"

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KapInspect seems great and be able to use it would be a help, but I'm programing Flash/as3 app and even if in the description it's written "for flash developers", tutorials are only made for flex.
Can I really use it with flash ?
I'm using flash builder 4.6 on OSX with flex 4.6 (even if I don't really know what's the purpose of flex to be there - I only work with flash and never tried it) and there are no errors when launching my app but at the input of keys "cmd/shift/F12" - or "click" instead of this last one - Kap does not trigger.

Any help would be nice.
Posted : 14 March 2013 02:09
Hi, I'm using flash builder 4.6 and 4.9.1 SDK and nothing launches when I press Alt-Shift-F12
Anyone have luck launching this?

ah - I found it, on Windows it's Ctrl-Alt-leftClick
Posted : 06 August 2013 01:06

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