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Object Inspector

The object inspector is the main module in KapInspect. It acts like the debug tree you can have in Flex Builder in debug mode but it is much more intrusive.
When you click on this button, the selected leaf in the display list will be inspected. That mean you will be able to get every public properties of that object. And one of the strength of this inspector is its recursion: when the FB debugguer displays "[object object]" for a complex object type, our inspector will go into it and display again the composition of this complex property.
For instance, inspect a TileList. Then filter with a 'd' and get the 'dataProvider' property. Most of the time it will be an arrayCollection, you will be able to display each entries of that array and again, if it contains objects of any type, you will see them has children in the inspector tree.

Another great feature is the ability to change the value of any property at any time. Double click on a value, a text input will appear. Enter the new value and click enter, the object will be updated. This is really useful for testing components properties without having to compile / restart you entire application.

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