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This is the main component to discover the contents of the application, in term of UIComponent and DisplayObjectContainer.
The tree will reflect the exact structure of the display list.
You will be able to drill down into all children of any DisplayObjectContainer, up to low-level skins, and also in the contentHolder of list components, where you will see your custom ItemRenderers, and will be able to inspect them.
For popups, you will have to refresh manually the display list, because Flex is currently unable to display events when popups are opened
Important: Note that the tree is not dynamic at the moment: it will display a shot of the application display list when it has been called. To refresh the list,

Simple actions

  • Select an object in the display list, and it will be highlighted in blue in the application with a tooltip that displays its name, class, and coordinates on screen
  • Double-click on any item will trigger an ObjectInspector for the corresponding DisplayObject
  • Right-click to display the context menu and see what inspectors are available for the selected object.

Capture mode

When you discover an application, or debug it, it is often usefull to directly select a component in the application.
For this, you will switch into capture mode, either by:

  • Clicking on the corresponding button in the toolbar (see chart above)
  • The keystroke Ctrl+C on the keyboard

In capture mode:

  • the application is disabled, and by moving the mouse over your application, you will highlight its children in red
  • Click on an highlighted component to select it, it will then be highlighted in green
  • To leave capture mode and return to popup inspector, hit the escape key

DisplayObject tooltip

When the mouse moves over an node item in any display list tree, a "snapshot tooltip" will appear, that represents the display object in a reduced size.
The full "class path" will also be displayed, to help you to identify the component.
The size of the tooltip may be increased to 100% with the mouse wheel: roll the wheel when the tooltip is displayed to increase or decrease the percentage of zoom.

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