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JITR Debug Plugin

We are proud to present here the very first KapInspect plugin made by the community.
Thanks to Matt Samet, it is now possible to execute AS3 code directly from KapInspect, on the selected object.

Although there are some limitations, you will be able to call any public method, set properties, and so on, which is sometimes usefull to test and debug your code.

This component is open source, and we only include the compiled version here.
You will find the full component here

Integration of the plugin

In order to use the plugin, do the following:

  1. Copy KapInspectJitrBugModule.swf into your bin directory
  2. Declare the plugin inside KapInspect, as follows:
    <kapit:KapInspect pluginModules="KapInspectJitrBugModule"/>

That's all folks ! You should now see a new icon in KapInspect toolbar to launch this inspector.

Enjoy !

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