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version 1.7.0 released on 2010/11/09

KapInspect is intended to help all Flex, AS3 and Flash developers to understand what happens inside their applications.
As so, it is meant to be non-intrusive, and trivial to embed inside any application. Only a few bit of code will be added, and the inspector itself will be lazy-loaded upon first call. You really have an instant integration with every application you need to investigate. This projet can help developers to control the structure of a given application, monitor and analyse the events process, check the design and the styles, manipulate objects properties and more.


  • Objects inspection at n levels, through class introspection mechanisms
  • Event monitoring for all built-in events, with filtering and creation flux monitoring
  • Style inspector & editor
  • Display list statistics
  • Type explorer (inheritance and members)
  • Watch Bindings in action
  • MemoryLeak Inspector
  • Inspection of popups
  • Enter debugger when binding firesNEW
  • Structured XML InspectionNEW

Application cases

  • Inspect ItemRenderer objects easily at runtime
  • Understand the event flow of complex operations
  • Try changes on UI: size, position, style and apply to your code
  • Understand the display list of an unknown application (even no-so-well known ones)
  • Find out from where this Binding is fired
  • Discover components of a Flex application

In order to go on and inspect more and more things in all applications, KapInspect is based on a plugin architecture. You can add specific modules in our library. We have developed eight different modules to help users inspecting their applications.

By embeding KapInspect in your application, you will get an instant debugging tool that can be used anytime to check or validate what happens. The interface has been optimized to show a maximum of information in a minimum size. The library provides a multi-objects and multi-views in a enhanced tabbed user interface.
The tree of the display list is the reference and allows you to access to every components. The navigation becomes easy, the selected component is outlined so you can distinguish it quiclky. KapInspect also have a capture mode which is really useful to catch a specific component hidden far away in your application or to quickly understand structure and find given components in an unknown application.
No more need to be in debug mode (and sometimes you just can't), KapInspect can be here at any time to check your objects and components states. There is a special mode where you can load the library dynamically so you can embed it without even thinking about it ; but if something goes wrong, you will be able to analyse what happened.

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