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Kalileo Release Notes

Release note 2.1.2

by Steeve Cayla the Sep 09, 2011 11:04

New features

  • Level of Detail Handling on item renderers
  • Data driven graph control
  • Edge Bundling Feature
  • View constraints while zooming and panning
  • Node zoom limit and decorator zoom limit
  • Debug Panel


  • Added fitToContent property in RelationMap
  • Permit user to change the "computationLimit" ( computation delay) property on the hierarchical cyclic layout.
  • Added decorator zoom limit
  • Added enableBorderDrag option on displaceActionData
  • Added enableOutsideDrop on DisplaceActionData
  • Added honorCustomLayersBounds and showCustomLayersContent properties on Overview
  • Added new property to set border color to the default tooltip
  • Added nodeZoomLimit property
  • Added verticalMargin and Vertical Margin on RelationMap
  • Allow automatic scrolling of viewport when dragging node near the edge of the viewport
  • Custom Node Renderer IMorphable : Decorator showed with collapsed nodes

Bug Fixes

  • Error within null path on custom layout
  • panContentBy : the referencePoint is updated AFTER the VisualizerEvent.GRAPH_PANNED event is dispatched
  • Issue with expanded groups and BorderDrag
  • Snap Grid : Node not snapped when moved
  • The target anchors are not associated correctly
  • XML input corrupted -> Error when importing links : casting issue when we have linkstyle on the exported file

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