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Kalileo Release Notes

Release note 2.1.2

by Steeve Cayla the Sep 09, 2011 11:04

New features

  • Alignment grid and alignment methods
  • Supporting grouped graphs in animated layouts
  • Items visibility on layouts
  • Expand/Collapse new engine with Import/Export support
  • Automation support
  • DebugPanel
  • New methods for animating graph entities


  • Support of animated layouts on Undo/Redo
  • Pan action
  • Animations
  • Added layers in a factory
  • Documentation : Added topic about layers
  • Documentation : Added a topic about fromXML/toXML methods
  • Documentation : Added a topic about printing
  • Documentation : Added a topic about grid alignment feature
  • When click on one node for expansion it should able to close automatically opened node on the same level (work like toggle).
  • Supporting visibility status on layout engine

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Memory Leak
  • fromXML is not invoked on Diagrammer items(Node, Group, etc) but instead is handled by Visualizer internally
  • killAnimation() causes VisualizerEvent events to be forgotten (not dispatched)
  • When a node is collapsed and you add a child node under it and it is collapsed, the node.item.graphItem is not set
  • panContentTo changes reference point
  • Zoom is not supported by progressive layouts
  • Adding nodes and links on collapsed parents or extremities

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