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Kalileo Release Notes

Release note 2.1.2

by Steeve Cayla the Sep 09, 2011 11:04

New Feature

  • mindMapOrientationFunction has been added: decide whether you want to orientate the mindmap from left to right or right to left


  • Add EXPANDCOLLAPSESTATUSCHANGED when clicking on expand button on a group: groupExpanded, groupCollapsed, groupExpandCollapseStateChanged events have been added to Visualizer
  • Improved anchoring effect on orthogonal links
  • Add dataCloneFunction on DropActionData (enabling dropped data cloning)
  • Activating Scale Mode on links ("normal" : zoom on ratio modifs, "none' : no zooming effect)


  • When node highlight policy is set to circular or circularCompact, anchors won't disappear
  • Adding a link by clicking on the expand/collapse button crashes Diagrammer
  • Orthogonal layout and group: modifying the layout will show the nodes outside the group
  • In some cases, anchors remain visible when not highlighting nodes anymore
  • Collapsing goups linked together, then changing the layout will hide the links between groups
  • Issue with ELEMENTS_DRAG_FINISHED event that should be dispatched when a node is clicked
  • Links don't show up when programmatically creating links at a Visualizer/Diagrammer ratio different to 1
  • Issue with links clipping on Circular shapes (compactCircle and Circle)
  • EnableLinkControllerCreation doesn't work
  • Double-Clicking on an edge does not work, no way to capture the event
  • HierarchicalCyclic lines are overlapping: hierarchicalCyclicLayout.differentiatedEdges = true does not work
  • Topic "diagrammer layout does not work when nested in tabnavigator
  • __prohibitLinkingTo / From does not work on groups in "link action" mode

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