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Cairngorm Console

version 1.7.0 released on 2010/11/09

This application is intended to help development and maintenance of Cairngorm-based applications, by providing a monitor able to log internal Cairngorm operations and events, and to inspect internal Cairngorm objects, such as the ModelLocator, Commands, Events and even services.
It uses a "monkey-patched" version of Cairngorm 2.2.1 for Flex 3, and needs only a few lines of code to be integrated into your application.


  • Monitor internal event flow of Cairngorm framework
  • Inspect the ModelLocator
  • Monitor all bindings and collection change events on the ModelLocator (recursively)
  • Display all commands and monitor command execution
  • Display and monitor HTTP Services
  • Shows stack traces (needs Flash Player Debug)
  • Monitor WebService and RemoteObject operationsNEW
  • Command and Notification historyNEW

Application cases

  • Check your command flow
  • Pinpoint source line where a command started
  • Check parameters and results of HTTP services
  • Check service execution times
  • Understand how your application works
  • Check data flow and values
  • Observe how Cairngorm works

Although Cairngorm is a rather simple framework, compared to PureMVC for instance, and despite a lot of documentation and samples available, it is not always easy to figure out what's going on inside.
Moreover, due to its loose coupling between events and commands, it's not very simple to find out from where a command has actually been started.
The console for Cairngorm will also help beginners to better understand how Cairngorm works inside.
If you are an experienced Cairngorm developer, it will help you to debug your applications, and to quickly pin-point source where important things happen, such as:

  • command run
  • service run
  • notification dispatch

Cairngorm console is based on our standard KapLab Debug Console Framework, and works in the same way than other consoles:

  • Popup-based design
  • Shortcut to display the main popup
  • Integration with KapInspect through the right click popup menu in introspection trees

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