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version 2.2.0 released on 2012/07/05

Enrich your dashboards and reporting applications with innovative components: BI, Tradings, Statistics, Simulations, Marketing products...

Often enriched by new Flex components, the Kolbert library is the result of multiple works done by our R&D department as part of customer projects. These advanced components have been chosen for their innovative data rendering process with a rich, intuitive and ergonomic user interface.

Kolbert, referenced in Tour de Flex by Adobe, is the only library gathering original reporting components that will simplify analysis and decision-making over big data sets.

Kolbert Reporting Components


Hundreds of elements visualized in a single page.

  • Two treemaps algorithms
  • Hierarchical navigation
  • Data filtering

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Radar Chart

Compare unlimited series with unlimited criteria.

  • Linear and logarithmic axis
  • Dynamic built-in legend
  • Automatic axis graduation

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Ring Chart

A single chart doing what several pie-charts would do.

  • Animated rings
  • Highly customizable
  • Many data input formats

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Elastic Search

Easily and quickly filter multi-facetted data structures.

  • Pre-display data analysis
  • Unlimited columns
  • Fully customizable

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Pictogram Chart

Transform complex data source into a self-explanatory chart using same-sized pictograms

  • Cell customization
  • Flexible layout
  • Totally spark-based

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